I spent a lifetime
Looking for my mother’s smile. I can picture a toddler approaching, His mother sees him and Her eyes light up, a smile erupts. It’s spontaneous, but I’m not him and that’s
Not my mother. Mine held me lightly on her lap So I wouldn’t crush her ruffled dress. Other times, my dirty hands and face Were kept at a distance, So was the rest of me. It’s hard to love yourself When the part of you called mother
Loves best from behind a wall. Her outstretched arms
May not have been
Long enough
To cross the open space
Between us, But her smile could have
Had she been willing.
Had she been able. Now she’s gone and
The distance between us
Is even greater, so
I picture in my mind
Her smiling at me With an approving nod.
I know I’m lying to myself, But it’s a good lie.

From Sea Glass Soul -

Invisible Colors


If I could live just a little longer
I would join the others to mourn
my death. I’d shake their hands
and smile at the sweet things
they’re saying about me, cry
over my daughters’ recollections,
hug Pat one more time. Thank her
for her great generosity. I would not
send myself flowers, a waste of money, dead in a few days. Forgotten.
I’d laugh at the rabbi’s attempt
to make my death acceptable.
I’d poke him with my elbow and
tell him I wasn’t quite done, still had
poems to write. It is better
to view the body, than be
the body.

From  Sea Glas Windows

Jazz Man from I Am Sea Glass


He wants to:
Cure cancer,
Land on Mars,
Create world peace,
Have a wife and mistress,
Live brilliantly big. 

I want to:
Cure my back ache,
Land on my feet,
Write a good poem,
Have a wife who’s my friend,
Live quietly by the sea.

He’s a prince
In his mind. 

I’m a poet
In mine.

From Hebrew Lessons -

        Poems From my Jewish Heart


As an 18 year old lifeguard

On top of the world,

I sat alone waiting to save others,

But she shyly approached, smiled

And saved me.  It was 1968.

Her smooth, tanned skin

Played hide-and-seek

With her pale bikini.

From my perch I stared far too long.

She asked me if I liked the Beatles.

Trying to be cool I asked her why.

She replied, “I could never marry anyone

Who didn’t like the Beatles.”

I jumped off my lifeguard’s chair,

Looked into her innocent eyes and

Told her, “Ringo’s my favorite.”

From  Sea Glass Soul - Invisible Colors

nd Watercolors


Grasshoppers and ants
wearing shirts and pants,
both blessings and rants,
some cans and some can’ts.  

Her name was Megs,
he liked her long legs.
After finishing two kegs,
they married and laid eggs.

Blessings and rants,
some cans and some can’ts,
grasshoppers and ants
wearing shirts and pants.

She knew he was a winner,
but she was a sinner.
He was so much thinner,
she ate him for dinner.

It’s fate and it’s chance,
both blessings and rants,
grasshoppers and ants,
some cans and some can’ts.  
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From  My Lighthouse Key